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Hair transplantation center, PRP treatment.

How will I look after hair transplantation and when can I return to normal life?

After the first 2 days after the hair transplantation is carried out and bandages and bandages on the donor field are taken. Although there is no pain, swelling and bruising after the operation, there will be crusting around the grafts in the transplanted area. Since it is an appearance that can attract people's attention, it can be returned to normal life immediately after hair transplantation by wearing a hat and camouflage the plantation area. It can take 1-2 weeks to clean the shells.

Hair transplantation center, PRP treatment.

The Amerikan Center for Hair Transplant has a great experience in hair transplantation and has worked for over thirteen years and gained great fame on the level of Turkey, Europe and the Gulf states. The center has supported a cadre of medical mentors, translators and administrative staff from the Arab brothers with the survival of the great medical expertise provided by the Turkish cadre. The medical staff consists of the most experienced hair transplant physicians in Turkey and the world and is assisted by a professional cadre of nurses and specialists. .

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